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VIDEO/ 3D / 4D                                                                                     EDITORIAL

Head in the Clouds

A visual branding endeavor for a prospective RISD Artist Ball Event themed Head in the Clouds. The system incorporates cloud and abstract floral motifs, creating a dreamy, absentminded landscape.

✷ identity design
✷ poster design
✷ invitation card design
✷ sales ticket design


Chiyi Design

Chiyi Design is a specialized design firm, focusing on identity, spatial, and exhibition design. The client wished for an unique greeting card for the upcoming mid-autumn festival. An outerspace theme setting was then established, generating visuals of space vessels derived from conventional tools associated with graphic and interior design.

✷ identity design
✷ greeting card design
✷ window display design


Water Scarcity in Taiwan

An infographic designed to shed light on a pressing social issue in Taiwan, where the nation grapples with acute water shortages leading to heightened drought conditions. This crisis has far-reaching consequences, affecting the economy, agriculture, and our day-to-day life. The design process places a special emphasis on employing hierarchy and scale to enhance readability and comprehension.
✷ infographic poster design


Proudly Presenting...

A piece where I documented various basic activities and necessities that I encounter on a daily basis. In essence, I recorded my habits. My intention was to create a captivating and conceptual portrayal of each item I was monitoring, with the end result becoming an animated poster that showcases a comprehensive view of a week's insight into my unconventional necessities, broken down to a by the hour scope. -
✷ poster design



A visual identity project for a hypothetical film festival, Nirvana Film Fest. Through a series of thoughtfully crafted flyers, a captivating poster, and a user-friendly mobile interface, a unified system is established. The design elements, including typography, color schemes, and graphic elements, work together to evoke a sense of excitement and anticipation among festival attendees. The visual components of the festival's branding aim to communicate essential information while reflecting the essence of the event. By maintaining consistency throughout the various materials, a cohesive and recognizable visual identity is created, enhancing the overall festival experience and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of cinema.
✷ visual identity 
✷ poster design

✷ web design


A Dying Charity 

A digital zine delves into the pressing problem of ocean pollution, with a particular focus on exploring the impact of plastic waste. It vividly illustrates how the perils of ocean pollutants ultimately find their way into our bodies. This highlights the interconnectedness of human society and nature, especially through our food chain. Within this zine, the ocean takes on a persona through a narrative voice, symbolizing a declining benefactor perpetually exploited by human actions. -
✷ book design ︎︎︎
✸ saddle stitch booklet printed on newsprint


Late Night Talking

A saddle-stitched signature based on the transcript of a 30 minute three voice conversation with my roommates at midnight. The distorted conversations mimics the idea of a spotlight in a dark room where voices fills up the void. The distortion goes to suggest the mental instability that gradually took a toll amongst us.
✷ book design



Transcribed an exchanged text and designed an invitation for a hypothetical book club event.-
✷ invitation card design 
✷ book design


✷ poster design ︎︎︎
   for guest speaker Corrine Ang